This is a wake up call. Go ahead, get angry. Yell at everyone you know. Things won’t change. Things don’t change. You are still the same you that you were yesterday. Nothing has changed. Grow up a little. Learn. Learn to be a better you. Learn about me. Learn about them. I wanna wake up. … More Growing

The Game

It’s his turn. He steps up to the plate. He has been preparing for this moment for months. He heeds the advice he has been given from his peers: “just go for it” or “have no fear.” He’s still a bit nervous. He’s been waiting for this day. He’s been itching to show what he’s … More The Game

This Is It

He closed his eyes. His lips quivered. A thousand collective voices roared in his ears. He tried to stomp them out. He pressed his hands against his head, gripping his wavy brown locks. His eyes were closed tighter. His head began to shake, rocking from side to side. “No!” he shouted in the air above … More This Is It

My Promise

Sometimes, it’s hard to live in the real world. Sometimes, it’s hard to be kind, to be loving, to be here. Sometimes, I look to her, as she is the  most beautiful creature that this life has ever seen. I try to be strong for her and I both. But it gets hard. I live … More My Promise

Dear Future

This one goes out to the future: our future, the future that we have created and now the future that we have to live in. We created this path of destruction for ourselves. There is no one else to blame. We thought that this would be best for us all, time will tell. At least … More Dear Future

Where We Stand

Where were you last night? Were you off with him again? Did you think about me? I really hope you did. I hope I was the only thing on you mind. I hope I danced through your mind all night long, kicking and screaming and driving you mad. Where were you last night? Where were … More Where We Stand