Part II-Presence

It rises, And it falls A presence lives among us, It breathes when I breathe It knows me, it feels   Thump             Thump                         Thump…   It knows you’re here—and it wants you   Take control of me   A presence in the room   Bump             Bump                         Bump…   HAHAHAHAHAHA You’re gone… … More Part II-Presence

Sand on Glass

The sand-It’s gone Time escapes, it runs off And we-we don’t have much of it left   The sand around us The human glass, it still runs We don’t know where we are   We need the time But our time is broken, Continuing on with out us- I’m stuck- I need help What day … More Sand on Glass


Bonded, together Son, Mother A life easier Father, Daughter An extension of self A conscious dream There when needed There when wanted When I fall I have my safety net Because In my head I know that we are Bonded, together Son, Mother With A life easier Father, Daughter They are An extension of self … More Extension

The Knot

Two strings wrapped around my finger. Knotted so tightly that it turns red. And with one pull, the knot is broken. Each side just falls. Slowly. Gently. Without a trace of the wind to carry it away. Until it hits the ground. Only a glance it receives. An overflow of dispassion, sorrow, and anger drowns the … More The Knot

Winter’s Loss

  The winter season begins to take its shape, but I will not see it. I will not see it because I am alone. I will never see. Trapped in this room, I am alone. No forms or shapes that I can see. No people or faces. I cannot speak. The vision of man has … More Winter’s Loss