This is a wake up call.

Go ahead, get angry.

Yell at everyone you know.

Things won’t change. Things don’t change.

You are still the same you that you were yesterday. Nothing has changed.

Yes Than Growing Up Plant Flower Wild FlowersGrow up a little.


Learn to be a better you. Learn about me. Learn about them.

I wanna wake up. I want a chance to start anew. Start fresh. Be different.

I wanna wake up to someone who doesn’t hate me. No more hate.

I wanna grow up. Get older. Wiser. I wanna be brave. Brave enough to enter the future. Brave enough to be the future. Brave enough to see the future.

I want to be a part of the vision that encapsulates us all.

So go ahead. Be angry. Slam your fist to the ground and rattle the earth. Assert your dominance.


Brave your vocal tirade for us all. Show us that you can break the barriers of sound.

Be angry. See just how far you can get with that. See how far you are willing to go.

Walk. Run. Soar.

Find that place inside of you that can reach every one else. Find me. Where do you place those people who mean something to you. Screen Shot 2017-07-12 at 12.57.59 PM

Who are you?

Have you ever figured out your purpose? Too loaded of a question? Don’t worry I need no answer. Don’t feel obligated to provide all the answers. Some questions merit no response.


Sometimes thats all it takes. Sometimes that’s all I ever wanted.

Be silent.

That is how I will be able to pull through. That is how I’ll know where I belong. I need my thoughts. When the dust settles I am only left with my thoughts. That is all we have left when we go to bed at night.

What are your thoughts?

imagesAre you aware of hate? Do you feel remorse? When do you get to be held accountable for all of this hell? There is pain here. That pain is not subsiding. There is sorrow here.

Do you even know what that feels like?

Sometimes I walk outside and I have to live in fear. People stare. They think I’m weird. Like I don’t belong. I feel unwelcomed. I have lived here my entire life. I am no longer welcomed. My neighbor isn’t welcomed. We are now all foreigners. We are not welcomed.

So go ahead, be angry.

See where that gets you.

Hint: Not very far.


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