Dear Future

This one goes out to the future: our future, the future that we have created and now the future that we have to live in. We created this path of destruction for ourselves. There is no one else to blame. We thought that this would be best for us all, time will tell.

At least I certainly hope that we, as a society, have made the right decision. I will not always agree with the greater half of society, but now we all have to relish in the decision that was made.

I am fearful. I am absolutely terrified, not for my life, or my employment, or any of my friends whatever hue their skin develops. I am scared for the future. I am scared for the future that I can see in the eyes of the next generation. I don’t know if you saw it, but I saw true terror in that little girl’s eyes. Now I have to explain to her that despite everything that I could have done on my end, I could not persuade or outweigh the greater mass that firmly believe in an idea that hate will help us flourish. I had to explain to her that we have made history and when she is my age, that will be the face that she will see next to the vision of hope and progression that we once had. I had to explain to her that she will have to live in a world that she yet can change that tells her that the color of her skin and the texture of her hair make up her being. I had to explain that those very attributes go unsupported by the leader of the free world.

I couldn’t shake their terror in her eyes.

But, it’s not all bad.

Actually, our new leader, I have to thank you. I know it sounds crazy, but I really do.

In this past year, you have done at least one good deed for this society, one that we can all take refuge in.

So I thank you. You have single handedly opened up our eyes to the world that we actually live in. Now I will never be uncertain of where I fit in this world. Through all of your moving words you have allowed us to understand that there is a majority in the world and they are speaking loud and clear. A spike in the majority has risen out of their seats and have awoken from their dormant state to call out to us all that progress has not been the way that we are fooled to believe. I’ve got to say, society you had me fooled too. I thought minority groups (blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, women, etc.) were all starting to find their footing in this world; they were starting to find their voice. But alas, we have been silenced yet again.

But I am becoming more understanding of this fact. Only because as my voiced has been muted, my eyes are wide open and my vision is now clearer than ever. I thought that through recent policies and laws that have taken place in the past few years that we were actually making progress. What I failed to realize was that the beasts were only sleeping. All of the ill feelings and hate that rested deep in those people were yet to be unleashed onto the masses. It wasn’t until a decision was made that I have to question where I stand in the nation that I live in.

I want to be open and honest, because it is my right to do so.

I don’t enjoy being in a position where I have to look at family members, those who are expected to keep this country going as the next generation, and explain to them that working hard and studying and staying not the right path, a path paved by love, forgiveness, and respect, is unimportant when it comes to greater success. I can tell her that name-calling, bigotry, and hate will prevail.

But I now know that I live in a world that would rather live without me. I have never felt it more urgent to express this kind of feeling ever before. I am a minority, I am the little people, I am the kind of people that you would rather see fleeing the country.

I am not saddened by this news, at least not anymore. I only hope and pray that in this new position that you realize that gravity of the situation that you have found yourself in. I hope that you understand that this is a role that requires a lot of careful time and attention and I just hope that you are actually up for the job. I want you to do right by this country if that is what you want out of this job.

What I will also say is that I am completely saddened and disheartened to know for sure that we live in a society that is absolutely okay with revealing that, while we thought we made substantial progress and that we were taking the necessary steps to move forward and advance as a country, there are still the majority of this country that thinks that white supremacy is the only ideal that shall prevail, that people in poverty deserve to stay in that position and people of certain minorities deserve to leave the country that they aimed to find success in, and that women are still insignificant in this society.

The impression that I have received from the amazing people of all different background that I have gotten the great fortune to have met in my life are all forced to take a step backwards when we all thought that progress will continue to set the precedent of this country.

This is my open letter, and I promise you all that may have had the opportunity to read this, that this is unlike me, But I felt compelled to express myself in the only way that I knew how, with words.

So, I thank you. Thank you for showing me exactly what this country truly stands for. Thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to see the black and white hatred that exist in a world that I thought was colorfully blissful, peaceful, and all-inclusive. I only want us all to stand strong together to create a solid unit that can collectively step forward again.

Thank you. For my open letter to you-thank you.

The Minority


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